Lunabrite Develops Solar Strip Lights For Your Yard, Pet Collar

Like those orange Halloween lights you keep strung around your backyard all year? How about something different which is more green instead? They may look like a slightly more sophisticated version of the stuff you’ve already got out there on your patio, but make no mistake, these are no ordinary rope lights.

According to Green Diary, solar-activated Lunabrite light strips charge by either indoor light or sunlight in just 5 to 30 minutes– then emits light for up to eight hours. The lights can be cut to any length and spliced, are anti-fungal and UV resistant, and even be used in and around water,–a profile that extends their usefulness from architectural accents and walkway lighting to marine and sportwear applications. The company even makes a special collar and lead system to increase your pet’s visibility at night.


image via Greendiary

The company claims that these solar light strips were designed to illuminate and protect people, pets and property, and its clear that these green glowing strips could serve a purely practical function around, say, a marina–but it’s hard not to deny that they simply look pretty cool as well. (We see them illuminating the world’s first solar nightclub.)

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