Duron Solar System Provides Affordable Lighting for Rural Areas

Quickly fitting a typical solar panel into conventional buildings is a snap, but in more rural areas, special considerations can sometimes prevent such panels from being considered viable. Duron, a developer of affordable power products designed for use in off-grid markets, provides their eponymous DURON solar power system as one answer to such scenarios.

According to Duron’s website, the company’s objective is to “empower rural homes and shops by providing access to reliable, affordable, safe, clean power.” As reported on Green Diary, the DURON employs a 5-watt solar panel that features ports for cell phone chargers, an AC grid charger, and three LED lights.

duron solar system

Image via Green Diary

Priced at $130, the DURON provides 10 hours of dim lighting or three hours of bright light. The system, which provides a constant supply of clean energy, has been put to use in many schools and small businesses located in rural regions throughout India. Duron currently has plans to sell only a few thousand DURON systems.

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