Solar Powered Light Built into Sneakers??

If you’ve ever been puzzled by the practice of flinging old sneakers up on to telephone cables and trees, you’re not alone. Designer Elena Corchero was so fascinated by the practice that she created an art exhibition featuring old sneakers as street-lights, now available as a DIY Solar Street Light Kit from Lost Values.

If your favorite sneaks have reached the end of their natural life, why not use them as surreal garden or street-lighting? Use them to line a pathway for a party, or hey, toss them up on the telephone line, where they’ll puzzle passersby at night–the possibilities are endless. The Solar Street Light Kit comes with mini solar cells and tiny LED’s available with white or colored (”mood-changing”) lights. The kit comes in two sizes—kid and adult—and can be used to turn any old pair of sneakers into a strange little version of a Lite Brite.

image via Lost Values

image via Lost Values

The Solar Street Light Kit is made in Scotland;  a kit for a p

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