A LED-Based Solar Skylight Without the Sky

Always wanted a skylight, but not so keen on putting a big hole in your roof? The Solectric Skylight System from ReCon Energy Products may be the skylight you’ve been waiting for.

According to the company, this patented day-lighting system works to simulate the light-producing effect of a skylight with indoor high-efficiency LED bulbs connected to a PV solar panel on your roof. In the early morning, when the sun is low, the low current produced by the PV panel corresponds to low indoor lighting. As the sun moves higher, the current gets stronger, and the LED bulbs grow brighter.

image via ReCon Energy Products

image via ReCon Energy Products

ReCon Energy Products is a Bay Area-based start-up company; the Solectric Skylight System is their first product. It is currently available at Friedman Home Improvement in Santa Rosa, CA, or through the company’s website.

ReCon Energy Products [via press release]

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