This Cigarette Boat Is All Electric, Powered By Mercedes

The SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive by Mercedes-Benz is a powerful electric sports car wrapped in one stunning, retro-style package. The SLS AMG Coupe Electric, along with the more well-known Tesla Model S, illustrates the truism that just because a vehicle’s powered by electrons doesn’t mean it’s slow or boring to drive. Recently, Mercedes to heart by integrating several key components of the Coupe Electric Drive’s “heart,” or engine, into – of all things — a powerboat.

The Mercedes-Benz Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept is a near 40-foot long electric powerboat that hit the waters at the 2013 Miami International Boat Show in Miami, FL., earlier this month. A collaboration between Mercedes’ tuning division AMG and sports boat maker Cigarette 1, the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept can be likened as the aquatic version of SLS AMG Coupe Electric sports car.

AMG uses the same 12 electric motors found in the SLS AMG Electric to power the Cigarette concept. Engine layout is decidedly different in the latter, with the engines split into two drive units of six motors each with their own independent transmissions. The powerboat’s engine can generate a staggering 1656 kW of power (over 2200 horsepower) and 3000 Nm (over 2200 lb-ft of torque). According to both companies, the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept has a top speed of over 100 mph.

Mercedes-Benz EV sports car Cigarette 1 Electric boat concept

via Mercedes-Benz

Besides the motors, Mercedes taps the electric coupe for its batteries to power the Cigarette Electric Concept’s engines. The powerboat utilizes four lithium ion batteries generating a total of 240 kilowatt hours and 2400 kW of total output, figures respected even in the highly competitive world of powerboat racing. The Cigarette concept comes standard with two 22 kW chargers borrowed from the SLS AMG Coupe Electric. Normal recharge rate for the Cigarette’s batteries is seven hours; additional, optional chargers can reduce recharge time below three hours.

But enough about the Cigarette’s powertrain. What about the rest of the boat? Well, the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept shares the same “AMG Electricbeam magno” paint job unique to its four-wheel sibling. (Think off-yellow like a banana just beginning to ripen.) The AMG logo is prominently painted on the boat’s sides. Inside, carbon inserts from the coupe can be found throughout the cockpit. Finally, the instrumental cluster sports the coupe’s retro-style design, more AMG badging, while providing information such as remaining battery charge.

The Mercedes-Benz Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept is the third powerboat jointly developed by Mercedes and Cigarette. The first water craft developed, the Cigarette “46′ Rider Inspired by AMG”, made its debut in 2010. It was inspired by the Mercedes debut of the SLS AMG in 2009. The second powerboat, the Cigarette “Inspired by AMG Black Series 50′ Marauder”, stirred the waters in 2012. Inspiration for that super sports boat came from the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG Coupe Black Series.

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