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If you are a homeowner, you understand the joy of a perfectly manicured yard. To get the job done right, without overworking yourself you need a great cordless hedge trimmer.

Corded trimmers are a pain to use, and gas trimmers are loud, smelly and use fossil fuels.

The right cordless hedge trimmer will give you the ability to move around your yard freely and quietly to keep those hedges looking decorative instead of out of control.

In this guide, we have compiled a list of the best cordless hedge trimmers for 2021. Take a look and see if any of these sound like the tool you need to get the job done.

At the end of this article, we will also give you a little extra information to help you choose the best hedge trimmer for you.

Let’s get started with our top 6 picks for the best battery powered cordless hedge trimmers for 2021.

Top 6 Best Battery-Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmers for 2021

Reviews of the Best Battery-Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Worx WG261 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Worx WG261 20V Power Share 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Best Battery-Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmer Overall

Quick Look: Ultra-lightweight with 22″ blade, 20v lithium-ion battery compatible with Worx’s entire line of lawn tools.

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If you just have a few shrubs that are pretty well under control, but you need to give them a little trim now and then, then this ultra-lightweight trimmer may just do the trick. The Worx WG261 is only 5.3lb with the battery attached, making it the perfect option for those who cannot haul around bulky, heavy tools.

The 22” blade gives you the length you need to trim all the hedges with ease without being too unwieldy. It has a ¾” cutting gap, so you can easily cut through sticks and small branches. The dual-action blades cut equally on both sides, giving you ease of motion. The comfort grip D-handle across the top allows you to cut at whatever angle is easiest for you. The hardened steel blades cut easily and smoothly, meaning less vibration and fatigue in your hands and arms.

The 20v lithium-ion battery is compatible with Worx’s entire line of cordless lawn tools, so you can swap batteries as you need them. This battery has approximately an hour of run time, giving you the time you need to get your hedges into shape.

This trimmer comes with a full handle trigger, so you don’t have to worry about your fingers getting tired. It also comes with a blade sheath to protect the blade while in storage.

Bottom Line: This is a great trimmer for those who just need to do a little trimming around the house. It is lightweight, well-balanced, and easy to handle even for those who do not have a lot of upper body strength.

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Makita XHU02Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Makita XHU027 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 22″ Hedge Trimmer

Best Anti-Vibration Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Quick Look: Features a dual-button start to prevent accidental starts and 5 motor cushions. Dual-action 22″ blade.

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Another good lightweight option for those looking to do a little trimming here and there, Makita’s XHU027 has what you need. This model has five motor cushions that decrease both vibration and sound, meaning it is easier on your hands and your ears.

Weighing in at 7.4lb with the battery, this trimmer will not weigh you down. The battery is lithium-ion, rechargeable, and compatible with Makita’s entire line of cordless lawn care tools. It also has an easy to see indicator light that lets you know when it is time to recharge, so no surprise work stoppages.

The dual-action 22” blades run at 1,350 strokes per minute (SPM) and offer a 7/16” cut gap, making this a great choice for smaller hedges. The blades are also easy to change, no housing disassembly required.

This trimmer has a dual-button start, preventing accidental unwanted starts. It also has a see-through hand shield that offers protection but also increased visibility. The easy grip D-handle offers ease of use and multi-angle trimming.

Bottom Line: Big power can come in small packages. This trimmer offers the power you need in an easy to handle package. You will not have to worry about running out of juice, either electrical or physical, when it comes to using this trimmer.

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BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Black+Decker LHT321FF MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer with POWERCOMMAND Powercut, 22″

Best Extended Run Time Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Quick Look: Hand shield and dual-button start safety features. 22″ dual-action blades with decreased vibration.

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Black+Decker offers an entire line of lawn tools and power tools that run off their 20v lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. If you are a fan of BLack+Decker’s cordless collection, then you definitely need to add the Black+Decker LHT321FF MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer with POWERCOMMAND Powercut to your collection.

This trimmer comes with 22” dual-action blades that offer a ¾” cut gap. You should not have any trouble trimming even the most out of control hedges and shrubs. If you do happen to come upon a thicker branch, you can use the push-button Powercut, a supercharge that cuts through jams.

Dual-action cutting also helps to decrease the vibration in the trimmer, meaning less strain on your hands and arms. This trimmer also has a D-handle across the front for simple maneuvering and trimming from any angle.

The dual-button start and hand shield offer the safety you need, while the textured comfort grip gives you even more ease of use. Since it only weighs 7.8lb, you will not have to worry about getting tired before the job is done.

This unit can be purchased with or without the battery and charger, giving you a less expensive option if you already own multiple Black+Decker 20v batteries. These batteries offer 3,000sq. ft. of trimming, or approximately one hour of run time with this tool.

Bottom Line: You can always count on Black+Decker to provide no-frills tools that you can depend on. This trimmer gives you all the features you need to keep your hedges looking good, even if they are a bit out of control to start.

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Greenworks 24-Inch 40V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Greenworks 40v Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Best Power And Length Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Quick Look: Innovative 180-degree rotating rear handle. 24″ dual-action blades.

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If you are looking for something with a little more power and length, then the Greenworks 40v Cordless Hedge Trimmer may be the one for you. Greenworks offers a wide range of lawn tools that are well-designed and innovative and this trimmer is a good reflection of that.

The 24” dual-action blades run at 3200 SPM and have a ⅔” cutting gap. This means you can cut through even the most overgrown shrubs with speed and ease. This model is designed to provide you with the power you need to get those hedges looking ship shape.

This 40v rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers 60 minutes of runtime, so you should have enough time to get everything done. If by chance you need more time to get everything trimmed, no problem, these batteries offer a one-hour quick charge, so you will not have to wait long to get back to work.

These batteries are also compatible with Greenworks’ other cordless lawn tools, so if you have other Greenworks 40v products, chances are you have an extra battery that you can just swap out and keep going.

A couple of big selling points for this trimmer are that it is lightweight, only 8.26lb, but still powerful enough to take on bigger trimming jobs. It also has a rotating rear handle which means you can maintain a comfortable grip, no matter the angle at which you are trimming.

Bottom Line: Greenworks did not cut any corners when designing this trimmer. The longer blade and high SPM mean that you can take care of bigger shrubs in less time. The innovative rotating handle gives you the ability to trim at nearly any angle, no matter how oddly shaped your hedges are.

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BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Black+Decker 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer, 24-Inch

Best Full Wraparound Front Handle Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Quick Look: 24″ dual-action blades, 40v lithium-ion battery, also compatiable with other 40v Black+Decker tools.

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Love Black+Decker, but need something a little bigger than the first Black+Decker model we mentioned? Well, take a look at the LHT2436. This model is better suited to those who need to tackle slightly bigger projects.

The blades on this model are 24” and have a ¾” cutting gap, meaning a longer reach with just as much cutting ability. The dual-action blades run at 2,400 SPM, so cutting even the most out of control hedges will be a breeze.

The 40v lithium-ion battery is compatible with your other 40v Black+Decker tools, so you can swap batteries without any issues. The battery is compatible with Black+Decker’s one-hour quick charge charger and will stay powered through 6,000sq. ft. of trimming.

All that power and it still only weighs 6.9lb, so no extra arm and hand fatigue. It has an easy-grip D-handle for maneuvering and a full-length handle trigger, so you can handle this tool without a struggle.

Bottom Line: If you have extensive hedges and need a little extra power to get you through, then this could be the trimmer for you. With the longer blade and wide cutting gap, you can cut through your trimming chores with ease.

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EGO Power+ 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

EGO Power+ 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Best Heavy-Duty Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Quick Look: 24″ blades, features electric blade stop so that the blade stops as soon as you let go of the trigger.

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The EGO Power+ 24-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer is a little bigger, 12.13lb, so it may not be a good choice for those who have a harder time with weightier tools. But, if you need a tool that will power through even your toughest hedges, then EGO Power has designed the trimmer for you.

This trimmer comes with 24” hardened steel blades that offer a ¾” cutting gap. Not only are these blades designed to be sharp and stay sharp, but they run at 3000 SPM. Your heavy-duty hedges do not stand a chance.

The 56v rechargeable lithium-ion battery will keep you powering through all your trimming chores for up to 60 minutes. And, as you can probably guess, this battery is compatible with all of EGO Power’s other 56v lawn tools, so swapping out batteries is a breeze. You can buy this trimmer with or without the battery and charger, according to what you need.

EGO also made sure to add the safety features you need, such as dual-button start, see-through hand shield, and easy-grip D-handle. This model also comes with an electric blade stop so that the blade stops as soon as you let go of the trigger.

Bottom Line: Some people think that battery-powered lawn tools are not capable of handling big jobs, but EGO Power has proved them wrong. With the 56v battery and hardened steel blades, this trimmer will get the job done and be ready to go back for more.

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What You Need To Know About Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Here are a few things you should know about cordless hedge trimmers before you buy one.

Know The Job

This may seem really obvious, but the first thing you need to do is look around your lawn. The hedge trimmer with the highest power and the most features may seem like the best choice, but it is also the most expensive. Consider the amount of the trimming you are expecting to do. If you only have a few hedges that you trim once or twice a year, a smaller model will work just fine and save you money. If you have a lot of trimming to do, make sure you choose the trimmer that can handle your biggest jobs.

Know Your Shrubs

You probably noticed that on each trimmer we mentioned the cutting gap. In case you do not know, the cutting gap is the space between the teeth on the blade. The width of that space determines the size of the branches you will be able to cut through. If you have smaller shrubs that are well-trimmed already, you should not have to worry too much about finding a wide cutting gap. But, if you have bigger hedges with thicker branches, then you’ll need a trimmer that can cut through them without jamming, so a wider cutting gap is the choice for you.

The length of the blade will determine the amount of space you can cover with a single swipe of the blade. This is particularly important if you have bigger hedges because you want to be able to cover as much space as you can with every swipe. If you have smaller shrubs, you would want to consider choosing a shorter blade because a longer one may just become cumbersome.

Know Your Abilities

Ease of use may seem like a secondary thing, but it can be a very important part of choosing your trimmer. If you can’t hold the trimmer properly you will be creating more work for yourself because you will be fighting with the tool instead of working with it. Worse yet, if you can’t control the trimmer properly you could end up harming yourself. The best thing to do is go to your local hardware store and see if they have a few models that you can actually handle and see what size and design suits you best. Keep in mind that you may be swinging it around for upwards of an hour, so remember to consider how the weight of it will feel after 30 minutes or so. If it seems hard to hold on to at first, it will surely be a struggle after an hour of work. Plan accordingly and choose a model that is easy for you to handle.

How We Chose the Best Battery-Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmers

We focused on the cordless hedge trimmer’s safety, run time and ease of use when choosing the best battery-powered cordless hedge trimmers.


Just like with any tool, you want to ensure that it has the proper safety features. Look for things like dual-button starting, which means you cannot start the blade without holding a separate release button. This will help to keep you from having any unexpected starts. Handguards are also important because they keep your hands back from the blade and they protect you from extra debris. Another good feature is a quick release stop, meaning that the bade stops as soon as you let go of the trigger. You know that you have to take precautions whenever you are using power tools, but it never hurts to choose tools with extra safety features because everyone knows it is better to be safe than sorry.

Run Time

The majority of cordless hedge trimmers use lithium-ion batteries. When choosing a hedge trimmer, keep the battery life in mind. Also, take the battery recharge time into consideration. It may be a good idea to have a spare battery to swap out if needed. If purchasing a spare battery is a priority for you, you may be interested in reading our guide to the best rechargeable batteries.

Ease of Use

Most gas-powered models work exactly the same way the battery-powered ones do, but there are a few differences that make battery-powered easier to operate for the average user. First of all, charging a battery is a lot easier than mixing fuel. Many gas trimmers require that you use a gasoline/oil mix, which can be troublesome.

Turning on a battery-powered unit is also a lot simpler since you do not have to worry about the choke, recoil, or any of that. Simply replace the charged battery, hold the release button, pull the trigger, and you are good to go.

Thankfully, more companies are beginning to put out higher powered battery options, so even professional landscapers have battery-powered options.

Bottom Line

With so many great cordless hedge trimmers on the market, choosing the right one can be a challenge. We hope that the research that we have done has provided you with the information you need to go out and choose the perfect cordless hedge trimmer for you. Just remember to choose the tool that best suits you and the job at hand. If you have a big job to do, a little extra money spent on the right tool can save you hours of work. All you have to do is know the job you need to accomplish and choose accordingly.

Compare the Best Battery-Powered Cordless Hedge Trimmers for 2021