A number of solar rebates are available to homeowners  in sunny Arizona, and now – thanks to One Block Off the Grid, the organization CNN dubbed “the Groupon of solar” – there’s an incentive not only to get your own photovoltaic system installed, but to get your friends on board as well. (And, hey, maybe even get them to sign up first.)

One Block Off the Grid’s new program will start off by offering a basic $100 rebate to any household that joins its solar power program between now and March 2012, but for every household that does, the organization will add $10 to that rebate, sweetening the pot for other homeowners. No limit has been specified on this program, which was successfully pioneered in San Diego, and One Block Off the Grid sees it as a potential “tipping point” for solar interest in the Grand Canyon State.

One Block Off the Grid solar power system
image via One Block Off the Grid

Homeowners in the greater metro areas of Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Mesa and Sierra Vista are eligible to take part in the program, which seeks to capitalize on a recent surge in solar interest throughout the state. Driven by a combination of strong incentives (from Arizona Public Utilities, the Salt River Project and Tucson Electric Power) as well as recent utility rate hikes and widespread blackouts in September 2011, One Block Off the Grid reports that it has seen its Arizona enrollment jump by 98.4 percent over the last year.

Started in 2008, One Block Off the Grid makes use of economies of scale to offer group solar deals across 40 U.S. states, and also offers an array of zero-down solar leasing options for homeowners. The company manages the solar process for homeowners all the way through assessment to installation and monitoring.

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