Conehead Generators Put New Spin On Rooftop Solar

With fast growth and declining cost, there’s no doubt that the solar energy industry is here to stay. Now, the manufacturers leading the charge for this clean power source are tasked with making it more efficient, and therefore attractive to both residential and commercial investors. The most popular ways to generate energy from sunlight are photovoltaic cells that convert it directly to electricity, or through solar thermal technology which uses sunlight to heat water, and drive a steam turbine generator, similar to a traditional power plant.

But there can be inefficiencies to both of these technologies, which causes reluctance among consumers who are interested in seeing a significant return on their investment. So Solarphasec decided to completely ignore traditional designs when looking for a way to make solar power generation more efficient. The result is a spinning solar cone said to be capable of producing 40 percent more power per day than a PV panel.

Solarphasec 3D Spin Cell Generators

image via Solarphasec

Called the 3D Spin Cell Generator, this interesting design reportedly offers many benefits over traditional solar panels, many of which will be key in attracting commercial solar customers. First, the conical design requires less space than conventional flat panels, meaning more generators can be packed onto a roof space without the risk of shadow-casting. It also increases the amount of power that can be generated per square foot. As pointed out in this review, the conic form factor also significantly reduces wind resistance, allowing for large scale, high power commercial rooftop deployment.

According to Solarphasec, the increased power output of the 3D Spin Cell Generator comes from the design’s proprietary electromechanical function, which provides alternating current output for electrical distribution without the need for inverter equipment normally required to modify the direct current output from the photovoltaic cells. “This is a significant design issue as inverters cause an efficiency loss and currently cost $0.70/watt of the total installed system cost of approximately $7.00/watt,” states the company.


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    Our new website is

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    Very questionable tech. I’d be concerned about investment scam,

  • Reply May 25, 2012


    Please don’t give space to scamming ‘technology’, it is not becoming of you!

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    Solar power that is economical, efficient, and inexpensive will find a ready market both from buyers and investors.  Solar, and other “green” energy products that are none of the above will not.  At a time when public funds are being withdrawn from space exploration because the private sector can do it better according to the current Administration, too many renewable energy companies which are neither economical, efficient or fiscally sound have been supported. The recent docking of the SpaceX vehicle with the ISS should serve as a reminder to the government to remember its own recommendations and allow the market to dictate winners and losers in industry.

    • Reply June 6, 2012


      You’re so right megamini.

      Don’t you wish the government followed this vision with spaceflight in 1968 when it could have saved so many wasted billions of dollars.

      Or in;
      1939 with radar,
      1943 with atomic energy,
      1948 with computer technology,
      1984 with internet technology,
      and of course 2011 with solar technology.

      Certainly there are many other technologies that should have been killed before they were marketable. We could have saved trillions. Instead we are being held back such fiscal irresponsibility and mismanagement.

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    Solar energy is the way to go for the future. It is refreshing to see costs going down and it is becoming more and more affordable everyday. Nowadays, one can even build their own solar panel.

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    Ethan Elbrand

    I’m concerned about earthtechling and their real financial backers now… why hasn’t earthtechling reported on the incredible new progress of V3Solar’s Cool Spin? (the spinning solar cones shown above)?

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