Detroit Auto Show: smart for-us EV Concept

Under the hood, the new smart concept is powered by a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion battery connected to a 55 kW magneto-electric motor that generates about 75 horsepower and 96 ft-lb of torque. That’s enough to propel the truck at speeds of up to 80 mph and give it an impressive zero-to-60 time in the five to six second range. When completely empty it takes a maximum of eight hours to fully charge the battery at a household socket or charging station on the electricity systems of most countries.


image via smart

Inside, the smart (which is owned by Daimler) features “hammock-like” removable seats in a cockpit the pearl white interior is accented by brushed aluminum and “metalized” leather. The control and display elements are oriented to the driver, who sites behind a two-spoke steering wheel which is open at the top.

In place of a conventional rear-view mirror the smart for-us features a smartphone accommodated in a holder on top of the instrument panel support. The driver can see what is happening on the road behind with the help of an integrated video camera that communicates with the phone.

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