Green Lite Motors A Green Car Player

Oregon is home to a number of small green vehicle manufacturers, some of which, like Arcimoto, are more well known to those who follow the space. Others, like Green Lite Motors, are looking to break into that better known club with their own fresh takes on what the green car of tomorrow might look like.

Green Lite Motors, led by president and CEO Tim Miller, is building a hybrid vehicle that is technically classified as a motorcycle and has a self described cruising range of over 250 miles. It is said as well to get 100 miles per gallon and seat two people. To learn more about the company and the vehicle it is developing, we recently interviewed Miller.

image via Green Lite Motors

EarthTechling (ET): Tell us a little about Green Lite Motors. Exactly what type of green vehicle are you trying to develop?

Tim Miller: Green Lite Motors is developing a breakthrough vehicle for folks who live in big metropolitan areas. Of course customers will get the safety and comfort they expect in a car. But they’ll also get 100 mile per gallon efficiency, the ability to cruise past slow traffic using the express lane (because the vehicle is technically classified as a motorcycle), and super easy parking – even in motorcycle spots.

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