So You Want To Get A Green Industry Job

Green jobs benefit both the environment and the economy–they’re growing at a rate twice that of all jobs overall, and according to President Obama, they’re the key to America staying competitive in the global economy. But what are these green jobs, exactly? And where can job-seekers go for green jobforce training?

Many green jobs lie within the field of renewable energy, also known as the cleantech sector. These are jobs focused on the research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and maintenance of wind, solar, wave, tidal, small hydropower, biodiesel and biogas electricity generation facilities and their associated technology.

But jobs in building and retrofitting, transportation, agriculture and even brand management can also be green, provided that sustainability, environmental stewardship and/or energy efficiency are an area of primary focus for the company.

Green Jobs

image via St. Francis University

Currently, there are many resources devoted to connecting green job-seekers with green employers, including and the Green Jobs Network. For those with a background in cleantech, green building or other associated areas, these type of websites, blogs and job boards are a good place to start, as are local green business networks.

For those looking to make a career switch, however, some green jobforce training–increasingly available through the nation’s community colleges–may be in order.


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    Green job training needs to be relevant, providing real skills for real career pathways. We worked on a great project with the BIA of Hawaii who was willing to throw everything they had into the ring. More on that at:Made in Hawaii Green Trades Curriculum prepares incumbents and entry-level youth for green building jobs

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      Missed the link. Apologies. Here it is.

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