Green Home Insurance Expands

The insurance company Fireman’s Fund and the green-building resource nonprofit Earth Advantage Institute are working together to extend “green insurance” programs in the Northwest that could benefit those who already own a green home or those who think they might like to some day.

Earth Advantage, in a press release, said that Fireman’s Fund was expanding its insurance program for homeowners who currently own green homes to include homes certified by Earth Advantage. That program offers a 5 percent premium discount.  “The credit for green homeowners promotes energy efficiency and healthy living and offers an incentive to homeowners and builders to own and build environmentally friendly homes,” Candace Jennings, president of Jennings Insurance Agency in Portland, said in a statement.

Green home insurance, Fireman's Fund, Earth Advantage Institute

image via Earth Advantage

In addition, Fireman’s Fund is offering a program to those who want to be able to upgrade their residences with green features, using environmental safety and efficiency standards, after a loss. According to the companies, under this program a home that is completely destroyed could be rebuilt to green standards, including Earth Advantage New Homes certification and LEED for Homes, the U.S. Green Building Council standard.

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