Pedal Power Home Energy Generator Is Rather Quite Colorful

Some electric bikes help you get to the top of the hill without breaking a sweat. Others help you generate electricity at home. The BJQ Home Power Generator is one of the latter, and resembles nothing so much as an exercise bike for kids. Was there a deeper motive here? Some suggestion of how to slim down our youngsters? (Pedal harder, Johnny, your brother wants to play some Wii!)

Whatever the thinking behind the styling, the BJQ–which comes to us via Red Ferret–fits neatly in a corner and is simple to use. Ready to watch some TV? Hop on and press the button to start the system. If you’re a slow poke, the bike will alert you, via the under-voltage light, that you need to get a move on. If you get too amped up, the bike will tell you to take it easy, via the super-voltage light, and will automatically reduce your speed until you’re in the perfect range to burn some calories while generating some juice. The BJQ Home Power Generator is capable of a 300 watt output at a rotation speed of between 65–75 revs per minute.


image via Red Ferret

There’s also a version of this kinetic energy generator from BJQ that (like the Pedal-a-Watt) turns your existing road-bike into a stationary bike, via a portable bike stand. This fold-up version has an output of 150 watts and works with bikes that have 26 inch wheels.

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