Electric Vehicles

Plug-in electric vehicles, California, grid impact

1 Million EVs In California By 2020?

A coalition of groups – automakers, electric utilities, infrastructure providers, regulators, public health organizations and others – says “developing a sustained market for (plug-in electric vehicles) in California faces serious challenges,” but believes the state can smooth the way toward… Read More

Brammo Revs Up Electric Motorcycles

One of the more notable electric motorcycle companies to be producing consumer focused models these days is Brammo. The electric motorcycle manufacturer, based in Ashland, Oregon, has been around for a number of years and focuses its development efforts on… Read More
Nissan Leaf

Many Consumers Skeptical Over EVs

Consumers were quick to adopt hybrid cars when they debuted around a decade ago, particularly the Toyota Prius. Will they do the same with the new plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs)? A new report from Pike Research says,… Read More