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SmartSpace with bed down

Modular Microhousing Shows Its Green Edge In San Francisco

“How-small-can-you-go?” has dominated the buzz on the new SmartSpace apartments at 38 Harriet Street in San Francisco. They’re each 295 square feet. Hey, that’s downright spacious compared to recent microhousing in Vancouver, to say nothing of Tokyo. Two key features… Read More
A conceptual view of the new 49ers home on a game day in 2014, with green roof and solar panels visible atop the vertical wall at right. Image by Legends Sales & Marketing via Santa Clara Stadium Authority.

Win Or Lose, Super Bowl’s 49ers Will LEED NFL

On the eve of the Super Bowl, perhaps the biggest celebration of consumerism and wretched excess in America, it may feel incongruous to talk about conserving resources and saving energy. But the San Francisco 49ers, who are currently favored over… Read More
Silicon Valley

Top 10 Cleantech Cities In The United States

Score a victory for San Jose over its flashy, sophisticated neighbor up the Peninsula. In a comprehensive new ranking of U.S. cleantech leadership, the sprawling capital of Silicon Valley edged out San Francisco for top spot on a list dominated… Read More