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cardboard bicycle, Gafni

The Cardboard Bike Gets Rolling On Indiegogo

Almost a year ago, EarthTechling reported on an amazing DIY project that had the potential to revolutionize the bicycle industry. Izhar Gafni, an Israeli inventor and bike enthusiast made headlines when he demonstrated a working bike he’d made himself out… Read More

A Wooden Bike You Assemble Like Ikea Furniture

There’s something really satisfying about building things. Carpenters and other skilled tradesman have known this secret for a long time, but for those of us not familiar with handy-work, it’s a surprising revelation. Besides being enjoyable, building something yourself can… Read More
algae living night light

DIY This Algae-Powered Night Light

Night lights are kids’ favorite monster deterrent, but I know quite a few adults that like having them around as well. A good night light can keep you from stubbing your toe on the night stand without blinding you like… Read More