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Germany Makes California Look Like Solar Pipsqueak

California set a high-water mark for solar production last Friday – something we’re becoming accustomed to – and good for California. But a day before, Germany set its own record, and the gap between the two marks provided a timely… Read More
Architect Michael Jantzen's plan for a house that merges with the rows of a vineyard. Image via Michael Jantzen.

Solar House Blends In With Surrounding Vineyard

To grow fine wines, a vintner must have precise amounts of sunshine, moisture and fertilizer to produce grapes at the peak of their perfection. With all the attention wine lovers focus on climate and weather, designer Michael Jantzen has decided… Read More
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The Stunning Rise In California Solar Generation

In the past week or so, California set a new record for solar generation – then broke that record – and also set a new mark for wind generation. Chris Clarke at ReWire flagged these achievements, finding them irresistible despite… Read More
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California Shines Brightest In Solar Energy Jobs

California, the state that the Hollywood film industry calls home, can boast 43,700 paying jobs in the solar industry in 2012, versus only32,300 paid actors. Texas clocked in with 3,200 solar jobs, in comparison to the state’s270 to 2,410 ranchers.… Read More

Solar Power Innovative Use For Contaminated Farmland

An ambitious project to build one of the world’s largest solar energy complexes on contaminated farmland in California’s Central Valley has finally moved from the drawing board to the review process, but unlike with some other sizable solar energy ventures,… Read More