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California Renewables Rise And The Grid Survives

Forecasts of doom for the California power grid have been popping up since the state began its aggressive pursuit of more renewable energy, and have became more emphatic since the San Onofre nuclear power plant, in Southern California, went offline… Read More

California Gets Its Electric Vehicle Game On

California is by far one of the largest markets for electric vehicle use in the nation. It is no wonder then that at an event called Drive The Dream that was held earlier this week and organized by a multi-stakeholder… Read More

California Continues To Invest In Clean Energy Future

The California Legislature just voted to establish a $162 million annual clean energy research, development, and demonstration program, allowing the newly minted Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program to move forward and provide enormous benefits to California utility customers, the… Read More
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Solar Expansion Bills Pass California Legislature

Massive population, lots of sunshine and friendly policies have made California the solar leader in the U.S., and two newly passed laws look like they’ll only solidify the state’s position. One bill that cleared the Legislature this week establishes a… Read More