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California Wind Farms Swap Out Turbines To Save Birds

Wind power companies operating in the Altamont region of California are reducing the environmental impact of their older turbines, which are a threat to several protected bird species. The Altamont pass, in the mountains east of San Francisco, is home… Read More

COP21 Pledges Mean Dramatic CO2 Cuts by 2030

If all countries meeting for the Paris Talks in December hit their targets made under COP21, there will be dramatic slowdown in CO2 emissions by 2030. According to their climate pledges or “intended nationally determined contributions”(INDCs), each country has a… Read More
Hills At Vallco

California Gets World’s Largest Green Roof

You don’t usually think of taking the elevator up to the roof to enjoy your lunch in the park, but that’s exactly what shoppers in Cupertino are going to be able to do once the world’s largest green rooftop is … Read More
California climate change drought

Now California Pension Funds Must Divest from Coal

Drought-ravaged California is actively addressing climate change in two pieces of landmark climate legislation. The 7th largest economy in the world is leading the way to a clean energy future. California has just passed legislation forbidding its two state pension… Read More

California Goes for 50% Renewables by 2030

In a historic vote, California legislators have ensured that the eighth largest economy in the world is running on 50% renewable energy within just 15 years. California’s Democratic-majority legislature just acted decisively to further reduce the use of fossil energy… Read More

Solar Desalination to Ramp up in California

For making steam, solar thermal is already cheaper than fossil fuels. Desalination puts this cheap steam tech to great use. An innovative solar project in California will clean agricultural water through solar distillation, using the sun’s heat to evaporate out… Read More