Wind Power

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Wind Turbine In Ohio Bird Zone Halted

A U.S. military project to erect a 131-foot-tall wind turbine with rotor blades 135 feet in diameter in what a conservation group calls “one of the greatest bird migration corridors in the Western Hemisphere” has been abruptly halted. The decision… Read More
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Offshore Wind Booming In Europe – Or Is It?

Usually we see industry groups trying to spin unfavorable data into something positive. But the European Wind Energy Association is doing just the opposite with its latest update on offshore wind development. A record 1,567 megawatts of new wind power… Read More
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Maine Keeps Offshore Wind Project Afloat

Maine sunk one offshore wind power plan that would have used new floating-turbine technology, but it’s keeping a second possibility afloat. Maine Aqua Ventus I, a consortium project hatched at the University of Maine, is looking to get two 6-megawatt… Read More
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Wyoming Wind To Pitch Cost Saving To California

Wyoming wind power developers and their backers have been trying to build a case for exports to California. Not only do they need big powerlines to make it happen, but they need California to improve its disposition toward out-of-state renewables.… Read More
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In Texas, Wind Nears 10% Of Electricity

Wind power generation in Texas continued its steady upward march in 2013, and it’s now on the doorstep of 10 percent of the state’s electricity supply. New data from grid operator ERCOT showed that wind provided 9.9 percent of Lone… Read More