Wind Power

tesla gigafactory

Who Will Get Tesla’s Gigafactory?

Tesla on Wednesday released more information about the planned giant lithium-ion battery factory that has everyone so excited – Elon Musk’s already famous Gigafactory – indicating that it will invest around $2 billion in the plant, with unnamed partners putting… Read More
denmark wind power

Hurricane Taming: One More Reason To Love Offshore Wind Power

Nobody does more provocative, headline-grabbing renewable energy research than Stanford civil and environmental engineering professor Mark Jacobson. Last week, it was how your state can get to 100% renewables.  Now it’s how offshore wind turbines can “tame hurricanes.” Jacobson, in… Read More

Offshore Wind Power’s Eye-Popping Capacity Factors

Offshore wind power has hit a rough patch in Europe. There have been troubles with basking sharks and red-throated divers, but mostly there have been challenges in making the difficult technology economically viable. Nevertheless, a couple of items popped up… Read More
Macarthur Wind Farm

Aussie Review: No Evidence Wind Farms Harm Health

Here it is, the boiled-down-to-its-essence conclusion of a draft report on the effects of wind farms on human health by Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council, released on Monday: “There is no reliable or consistent evidence that wind farms… Read More

Wind Turbine Decline: Not So Fast

The claim that wind turbines have a short lifespan, seized upon by wind power opponents in 2012, itself seems to be failing to stand the test of time. The latest blow to the allegation comes from researchers at Imperial College… Read More
the solutions project

How Your State Can Get To 100% Renewables

Mark Jacobson, the Stanford professor who specializes in designing scenarios for a massive transition to renewable energy, is at it again – in a more high-profile way than ever. After coming up with detailed proposals for how a few states… Read More