Wind Power

iowa wind power

Wind Brings Carbon-Free Economic Boom To NW Iowa

The shale oil boom has made North Dakota’s economy the hottest in the country. But just a couple of states away, there’s another energy boom unfolding. It’s not quite on the same scale, but then again, it’s not resulting in… Read More
usgs wind farm map

Wind Power’s Big Empty Space Down South

It’s a common reaction among those taking their first look at the U.S.Geological Survey’s new interactive map that depicts the location of every utility-scale wind turbine in the country: Whaddup down South? The Southeastern U.S. is devoid of wind power… Read More
tesla gigafactory

Who Will Get Tesla’s Gigafactory?

Tesla on Wednesday released more information about the planned giant lithium-ion battery factory that has everyone so excited – Elon Musk’s already famous Gigafactory – indicating that it will invest around $2 billion in the plant, with unnamed partners putting… Read More