Wind Power

Airborne wind power, high-altitude wind power, Joby Energy

Reaching High In The Sky For Wind Power

Here’s the thing about wind: he higher you go, the more of it there is. At a couple thousand feet altitude, wind speeds are twice, even three times what they are on the ground. And when it comes to producing… Read More
Vestas Belwind

Vestas Turbines Spinning Off Of Belgium

The recent completion of the first portion of a planned 330 megawatt (MW) capacity offshore wind farm in Belgium is notable not only for its ability to produce enough clean energy to power 175,000 Belgian households, but also for the… Read More
U.S. Partnership

Clean Energy Grants Get Another Year

Bravo, and whew! That’s the general reaction of the renewable-energy industry and its advocates as the year winds down, thanks to Congress including the 1603 Treasury Grant Program in the big tax package that President Obama signed into law. The… Read More
Oregon's Biglow Canyon Wind Farm

Massive Oregon Wind Farm Gets A Big Loan

China may currently boast the world’s fastest train, but the U.S. Department of Energy recently announced a partial loan guarantee for a $1.3 billion loan to support the world’s largest wind farm, slated for eastern Oregon and set to serve… Read More
wind farm

Michigan Adds Wind Power, Green Jobs

If you’re going to go for renewable wind power, why not maximize the investment and build out the turbines in state? That seems to be the thinking behind Michigan’s Governor Jennifer Granholm’s recent announcement of a power purchase agreement between… Read More

The Basics Of Wind Power & Wind Energy

As government agencies, utilities and communities across the country seek to move beyond coal, wind energy has become increasingly popular. Wind energy developments, aided by a variety of federal, state and local incentives, have helped to diversify the sources of… Read More