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Could our Future World be Made of CO2 from Air?

  Researchers at George Washington University in Washington, DC have devised a way to pull CO2 out of air and turn the carbon into carbon nanofibers, the wonder material that now makes racing bikes and other high tech sporting goods… Read More

Solar Desalination to Ramp up in California

For making steam, solar thermal is already cheaper than fossil fuels. Desalination puts this cheap steam tech to great use. An innovative solar project in California will clean agricultural water through solar distillation, using the sun’s heat to evaporate out… Read More

Community Solar Spreading the PV Goodness

The story of rooftop solar power in recent years is one of challenges conquered. Panels too pricey? Scaled up production (in China, mainly) took care of that. System capital costs still too high? New finance models, like leasing, came to… Read More
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Zuckerberg One-Ups Bezos In Tech Drone Wars

Compared to the$19 billion WhatsApp acquisition, this is small potatoes – but far more interesting! Facebook is reportedly spending $60 million to buy a developer of solar-powered drones, which it plans to use to get the Internet and Facebook to… Read More
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Solar Power’s Relentless Push To Greater Efficiency

First Solar is apparently inching toward manufacturing some silicon solar products, but that doesn’t mean the company’s bread and butter, cadmium-telluride (CdTe) cells, are taking a back seat. Not if this news is any indication: a new CdTe cell conversion… Read More
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How Your State Can Get To 100% Renewables

Mark Jacobson, the Stanford professor who specializes in designing scenarios for a massive transition to renewable energy, is at it again – in a more high-profile way than ever. After coming up with detailed proposals for how a few states… Read More
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Solar Power Takes On California Water Challenge

California welcomed solar thermal technology on a grand scale last week at the Ivanpah plant in the Mojave Desert. It’s a project that’s all about producing clean electricity. But in the state’s agricultural heartland, a much smaller project is using… Read More