Solar Power

Evergreen Solar plant closing

Despite Aid, Evergreen Shuts Solar Plant

Oregon celebrated the decision earlier this month by SoloPower to build a big manufacturing line in the state, seeing the potential for hundreds of new well-paying jobs. But after Massachusetts’ experience with Evergreen Solar – which announced it would close… Read More
Thin-film solar panel manufacturer SoloPower

Thin Film Solar Company Picks Oregon

Thin-film solar panel manufacturer SoloPower is giving Oregon’s battered economy a boost, announcing it will locate a new plant in Wilsonville, a town about 20 miles south of Portland.  The company said readying the manufacturing line will create 170 jobs… Read More
Sunrise Powerlink, San Diego Gas & Electric

San Diego Gets More Solar Power

San Diego Gas & Electric, working to catch up with California’s rising renewable-energy requirements, has won approval of two power-purchase agreements that will give it a boost. The state’s Public Utilities Commission said yes to the utility’s 20-year deals with… Read More
roof-integrated PowerPly photovoltaic module, Lumeta, Phoenix

Phoenix Museum Gets Low Profile Solar

Musical instruments are practically as old as humanity, but the new museum in Phoenix that celebrates them comes with cutting edge technology. Most people will never see it, but it’s right there on the roof, where the solar contractor Lumeta… Read More
solar-powered air condition system, Hitachi

Hitachi Aims To Solarize Air Conditioning

When the grid teeters during summertime heat spikes, it’s air conditioners that are doing a lot of the damage. Now Hitachi is aiming to offer a distributed way to lessen the load, developing what it calls a Solar Activated Air… Read More

New Solar Tech Sees 15% More Efficiency

Smart homes and smart buildings rely on a host of wireless sensors, each of which require a small but consistent power supply. Devices that harvest energy from indoor light are an increasingly popular power partner for such sensors–and recently, SolarPrint… Read More
GEAR Solar

Bringing Solar Power Lights To Belize

Reusable and sustainable solar LED technology which can help eliminate the use of kerosene in developing nations, where the power grid is unreliable or non-existent, is something likely welcomed by the locals. One such case recently occurred in the village… Read More