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best solar companies in hawaii

Best Solar Companies in Hawaii

How to Find the Best Solar Companies in Hawaii With sky high utility costs and an electricity grid already loaded down with rooftop solar, the best solar companies in Hawaii are mixing solar, batteries, and the right utility options to… Read More
sunrun review

Sunrun Review

Sunrun reviews show a company that is providing decent customer service with fair prices. Over the last couple years, Sunrun has come out as the US’ largest residential solar installer. They employ 4,400 workers and install across 22 states. As… Read More
best solar companies in utah

Best Solar Companies in Utah

How to Find the Best Solar Companies in Utah With amazing spots like Zion National Park and Arches, Utah is America’s desert playground. And with that desert comes an excellent opportunity for some solar energy! Utah ranks 10th in the… Read More
best solar flood lights

Best Solar Flood Lights

The best solar floodlights are long-lasting, bright, and extremely easy to install. For most of these lights, all you’ll need to do is put a screw or two in your wall. It’s that easy. Solar flood lights are self-contained and… Read More
eco friendly air purifiers

Best Air Purifier for 2020

The quality of the air we breathe is essential to our well-being, and air purifiers ensure that that air is clean and free from common allergens that could make it difficult for you to breathe normally. Whatever your environment throws… Read More