LED lights are used in industry, home, outdoor and other applications for efficient and energy saving lighting. When compared to the luminaries that are traditionally used, such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LED lights have significantly higher efficiency and energy saving properties. They can save more than eighty percent of electricity costs. They also have long life and heavy duty performance.

Why are LED luminaries energy efficient and reliable?

LEDs are energy efficient and power saving because of their construction and operating system. Incandescent lights are highly inefficient and they convert electricity to heat. This causes high electricity bills and the costs are increased. Energy saving is important for homes, businesses, industry and other institution. Therefore, the replacement of traditional incandescent lighting with LED lighting will lead to up to eighty percent of energy saving. The reliability of LEDs is remarkable because they can operate without failure for more than three years. During their operating time, they are no requirements for maintenance and replacement. You can imagine the lights that are working for almost one hundred thousand hours without replacing. This is called the high reliability and heavy duty performance.

Where can LED luminaries be used?

They can be used anywhere and any place. They can even be used in hazardous environment and in the areas where there is influence of corrosion and toxic substances. The durability of LEDs is remarkable, and they can withstand temperature fluctuations and other environmental effects. When these lights are used at home, they are very easy to install. They are also cheap, when you have in mind the long operational time and the fact that they do not need to be replaced for a long time. They are organized in cluster of small LEDs that are preventing the malfunctions and failures during performance.

by Sasa Sijak

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