If you live in New York City, you may have seen a curious apparition gliding around the streets this week. No, not a Halloween ghost, but a special type of wooden bicycle previously only available in the Netherlands.

Although the Big Apple did recently get its own bike-sharing program, it’s still far behind the Netherlands when it comes to bike friendliness. Still, New Yorkers must be making progress, otherwise Bough Bikes, a company specializing in wooden city bikes, wouldn’t have seen fit to launch its product line in the city that never sleeps.

Bough Bikes wooden bike
Image via Bough Bikes

Did you know that in the Netherlands 27 percent of all trips are made by bicycle and protected bike lanes are required by law? With this kind of encouragement, it’s no surprise that 84 percent of all Dutch citizens use a bicycle and more than 300 people ride a wooden bike.

Designed by Jan Gunneweg, an artist with a real passion for wood and bringing people closer to nature, the Bough Bike is made of oak sourced from sustainably-managed forests in France. The company claims that the Bough Bike was the first wooden bike in the world, though we’ve reported on others (mostly prototypes) in the past.

“This wooden bike generates amazing responses on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan”, according to its first rider, an ambassador for the Dutch manufacturer Bough Bikes. “Each day people stop me to take pictures. New Yorkers smile at me. Luxury stores on Madison Ave invite me to park the bike inside.”

The company hopes that by launching in the US, they’ll be able to encourage growth of the bike commuting movement in NYC. More info at www.boughbikes-usa.com.

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