I just got a new smartphone. Being hyper-aware of its energy-sucking tendencies, I immediately enabled every power-saving feature available. Screen at minimal brightness, GPS turned off unless necessary. Even though I mostly use it for checking social media and texting, I find myself charging it at least every other day

A new product recently funded on Kickstarter could make daily charging a thing of the past. The Dark Energy Reservoir is a sleek portable that claims to keep your phone powered for nearly a week.

dark energy reservoir
Image via Dark Energy

Now, portable chargers, backup batteries and even kinetic chargers are nothing new. We’ve featured dozens on this very site. What makes the Dark Energy Reservoir different is a slim, ergonomic design that packs an impressive wallop of power.

“Like most people I found that at completely inopportune times my phone was dying, my camera would die on vacation, and I was nowhere near an outlet, or I had to go somewhere so I couldn’t charge it,” co-founder Garrett Aida said, in the company’s Kickstarter video.

Able to live undetected in a purse, backpack, or briefcase until needed, the Dark Energy Reservoir is the perfect answer to this conundrum. The device easily charges in 4-6 hours via AC adapter, and can be recharged with any MicroUSB cord or even solar chargers.

When attached, the Dark Energy Reservoir delivers a high-speed recharge any USB device, and can even recharge two USB devices simultaneously (not tablets, though). The gadget retains full capacity for 1 year if unused and has a recharge cycle of 500+times.

But let’s get to the important stuff: It can recharge the average smartphone four to six times, which could translate to an entire week’s worth of power. For my current once every other day cycle, 5 charges would take me way past a week. Which is pretty awesome.

The project recently crushed its Kickstarter goal of $100,000, and will soon be available to the world. Pre-order now at MyDarkEnergy.com.

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