In case you were unaware, a certain chocolate-centric holiday is quickly approaching. Although few of us need the fat and sugar it imparts, it’s hard to say no to a delectable morsel of chocolate now and then. It’s rare for technology and chocolate to be mentioned in the same sentence, but in honor of Valentine’s Day, we found just such a phenomenon.

Inspired by the sunrise, which slowly breaks over the horizon spreading warmth and light, designer Alexander Lervik created an LED lamp that uses its own heat to melt a delicate chocolate shade, thus sharing light and a delicious sweet treat.

Chocolate, LED lamp, Alexander Lervik
Image via Alexander Lervik

Called “Lumière au Chocolate” the lamp is dark when first switched on. The chocolate “shade” features a short-pyramid shape to allow the LED’s slight heat to access all sides evenly. Slowly, just like the dawning sun, the head penetrates the chocolate shell, slowly melting it away to reveal the light within.

After roughly 15 minutes the chocolate has melted down and then solidifies into chunks which can then be eaten. “I find it poetic, with complete darkness at first and then a tiny ray of light penetrates the dark chocolate,” says Lervik.

Inhabitat suggests that while not practical for home lighting, the chocolate lamp might be the perfect addition to an adventurous restaurant. “The chocolate would melt as customers enjoy their meal, and solidify again just in time for dessert!”

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