Looking for a creative (yet low-impact) way to say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day? Look no further. Forget convenience store chocolates or expensive roses that wilt in a day. If you really want to gain some points with your special someone on February 14th, you’ve got to think outside the heart-shaped box.

Since we’re technology-lovers with a fair amount of nerdiness mixed in, we decided to round up some fun gift ideas that will make your loved one say “WOW!” and “AWWW!” Enjoy.

Zelda Heart Container Cupcakes

Zelda, Valentine's Day, gifts
Image via Alittlestranger.com

Most of us grew up loving The Legend of Zelda and Link, who could always use an extra heart to survive his enemy’s next attack. If you want to see your sweetie’s heart level boosted up to full, these easy, delicious, geektastic cupcakes should do the trick.

Eco-Friendly Phone or Tablet Cover

Valentine's Day, ipad, protective case, Apple
Image via cichu/Etsy

If your loved one got a new smartphone or tablet over the holidays, but hasn’t yet snagged a protected case, it’s time to do them a favor. Etsy has a plethora of eco-friendly gear for smart gadgets that will be sure to delight your Valentine. Check out this Vintage Apple logo iPad case made from water-resistant felt (pictured above), or this handcrafted, carved iPhone case made from sustainable bamboo. These literary-inspired iPad cases from the guys over at Firebox are pretty rad as well.

Share Some Love Headphone Splitter

headphones, Valentines Day
Image via Modcloth.com

Sharing earbuds is the 21st century equivalent of ordering one milkshake with two straws. But let’s face it, after a few minutes, we all wish we didn’t have to sit hunched over, with one ear still exposed to the noisy elements. Decor Craft Inc. solves this problem in an adorable way with this heart-shaped headphone splitter.

Mix Tape 1GB USB Memory Stick

USB, cassette tape, Valentines Day
Image via Amazon

Is there anything sweeter than a just-for-you mixtape?! The advent of digital media may have rendered the cassette tape obsolete, but not the notion that a hand-picked playlist can unlock your Valentine’s heart. This unique mix tape package includes a 1 GB flash drive tucked cleverly inside a cassette tape package that’s easy to personalize, just like in the old days.

Super-Simple Solar Charger

image via Design3000

If your loved one’s always running out of juice at inopportune times, there can be no more loving gift than a one-step solar charger. Slap the XDmodo Solar Charger up in a sunny window and plug the other end into your phone. No muss, no fuss, lots of free energy.

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