Depending on where you live, Hurricane Sandy may seem like last week’s news, but for those affected by the superstorm, the end is far from sight. Thousands of people, primarily in New York and New Jersey, are still without power, transportation, and in some cases, food and shelter. Reports coming out of the worst-hit areas indicate that efforts by FEMA and the Red Cross are falling short, and citizen efforts, often led by Occupy Sandy Relief, is filling in the gaps.

Voltaic Systems, an NYC company, has been looking for ways to help support the relief efforts even as the floods and blackout closed their own warehouse. This week, Voltaic employees managed to set up a bunch of solar kits and donated them in Staten Island and Rockaway. There, they learned that it could still be weeks before power is restored for many in the area. They decided to do more. Yesterday, Voltaic launched a Buy One Give One program designed to get solar light/phone charging kits into the hands of those in need.

Voltaic Systems, Hurricane Sandy, solar kits

As part of the philanthropic promotion, Voltaic is offering their 3.4 watt emergency power and light kit for the discounted price of $55. For each discounted kit sold, the company will set aside one to be donated to a Hurricane Sandy survivor who is currently without power. “We’ll be personally taking these out to the Rockaways and other parts of New York to get them to the people who need to light their homes and charge their phones,” states the company website.

The kit, which would normally retail for $96 includes a rugged 3.4 watt solar panel, a bright USB light, a V11 Universal USB Battery Set, which can power the light for 12 hours, an extension cable so the panel can be mounted outside while the light is inside, and a MiniUSB for direct charging of the V11 battery and other devices.

If you or a friend have been pining after one of these DIY solar kits for a while, but were waiting for the right time to buy, this is it. Not only will you get a high quality solar charging kit for a great price, you’ll also be providing the same kit to a fellow American who is struggling. Even if you don’t buy one yourself, please help spread the word by sharing this post on your social networks.

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