For those of us who are constantly on the go, it can be cumbersome to carry along chargers for electronic devices. Even if you have an all-purpose charger, it’s still taking up room in your bag. But what if your bag was your charger? That’s the idea behind the solar backpack. Solar backpacks are exactly what they sound like: backpacks outfitted with solar panels designed to charge personal electronic items anytime and anywhere. Using flexible polymer solar cells, the backpacks are lightweight and durable and fit for a walk across a city or up a mountain.

Today we’ve gathered five of these backpacks for you to look through. Most are fairly straightforward in terms of design (it’s a backpack with a solar panel), but we’ve found a few that don’t conform exactly to the “backpack” shape. They’re more like shoulder bags or briefcases, perfect for the urban outdoorsy type. But all share some common characteristics: they feature flexible, polymer solar panels that are water-resistant but not waterproof; the charging components are removable for washing the bag; and though these bags all come with the space to carry a laptop, they do not have the capacity to charge one. Other than that, they all have something special to offer. As you go through the gallery, simply click an image to learn more about the bag and its solar capabilities.

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