Currently, there are a whole lot of people around the world doing without electricity. D.light aims to bring light after dark to those areas of the developing world with their new solar lantern priced at just $8.00 USD.

This clever bit of solar lighting known as the D.light S1 produces up to four hours of bright light based on one full day of exposure to direct sun. It features an adjustable handle for easy solar orientation, which also helps to focus the light at night for reading or studying.

D.light solar lantern
image via D.light

According to D.light, the S1 is extremely durable and built to put up with abuse from regular use and rugged weather conditions, and it won’t wimp out under direct impact, either.

The company highlights independent research that illustrates the positive impact of access to bright solar light for kids in the developing world. In Sudan, the World Bank found that school pass rates doubled after students used solar lighting for a year. During a D.light pilot in India, 100 percent of 275 students surveyed reported that after studying regularly with the D.light S1 (rather than by firelight), they were more productive in their studies–while enjoying cleaner indoor air and reduced risk of fire.

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