A new electric bike from Germany called the Swingtrike promises greater stability for those who may be concerned with balancing issues. The pedal-assist bike is powered by a front wheel three-speed hub motor, but can be upgraded to an eight-speed model.

Weighing just over 40 pounds, the electric bicycle has an aluminum frame and can be folded, although only in the steering bar and swing arms, to make it more compact. While stability might not be an issue for most riders, the bike does claim to be able to handle 30-degree turns with ease, and a child seat can be attached between the two rear wheels.

image via Swingtrike

This electric vehicle looks to have been built specifically for a comfortable, seated-position when riding it for transportation, perhaps limiting it to urban areas with smooth roads. Although, the company claims the bike can handle a 15-percent incline.

Currently, the bike is available in Germany, but, according to the website, can be shipped to other countries upon request. The price? Expensive. The Swingtrike retails for just over $2,400, not a staggering amount, but certainly enough to consider other options.

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