If Wal Mart, that decidedly un-hip mainstay of American retail shopping, can do rooftop solar, why not design-conscious, oh-so-Scandinavian IKEA? Lately, the furniture giant as been doing just that, and recently announced that it plans to do more.

As of today, the home-furnishings giant has solar energy systems operational in Brooklyn, New York, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Tempe, Arizona, and has installations underway at eight locations in California. Now, it will be adding solar rooftop arrays to stores in Paramus, New Jersey and Stoughton, Massachusetts, pending governmental permits, bringing the total number of solar-supplemented IKEA stores to 13.

IKEA solar
image via IKEA

At 1,058 kilowatts (kW) and 630 kW respectively, these new solar installations seem to be a trend of  IKEA: striving “to be a good business while doing good business.” IKEA also has a solar hot water system in operation (at a store in Charlotte, North Carolina) and geothermal system (under construction for a new store in Centennial, Colorado), as well as a number of sourcing, packaging and recycling practices designed to be easier on the environment.

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