We’ve seen off grid chargers in the form of a colorful stationary bike, and another that actually turns any bike into an at-home stationary-bike/off-grid charger, but never one like the Cycle Wheel Harness concept from Jinsik Kim and Boseung Seo, which would actually allow users to generate juice while biking for transportation.

Out and about on your bike? When your laptop display starts to look a little wilted, all you have to do is find a place to plug into your bike-tire and voila, instant recharge, via your sustainable form of transportation (and exercise). The Cycle Wheel Harness works as a  generator, converting kinetic energy to store juice for all your portable gadgets.

Cycle Wheel Harness
image via Yanko Design

This concept, which comes to us via Yanko Design, seems a no-brainer for the tech-forward bike enthusiast. Now all we need is a hybrid e-bike that pushes us up the hills when we need it, outfitted with the Cycle Wheel Harness, so we can use that juice to power up our laptops, too. Oh, and maybe some special solar bike bags.

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