We’ve covered some stories over the past year or so dealing with solar streetlamps, but this is the first we’ve seen that incorporates wind as well. The SavWatt 60 Watt Eco-PoleLED Street Light and Parking Lot Light is powered by a combo of wind turbine and solar panels. According to a recent release, the SavWatt Eco-Pole can replace a traditional 250 watt metal halide light and requires no grid hook-ups, saving 100% of the energy costs, maintenance and pollution associated with the energy used to power a traditional light.

SavWatt isn’t providing much information on why, exactly, they chose to integrate wind power into the Eco-Pole (presumably, to provide off-grid power during inclement weather, when the sun isn’t shining), but the LED-focused company does mention that demand for these types of units has been high–and that there’s a patent-pending on the technology they used to produce these streetlamps.

image via SavWatt

Sam Abecassis, SavWatt’s VP of Product Development, said, in a statement, “SavWatt has been working on the Eco-Pole for several months, resulting in a product that provides an average 18 month return on investment. The Eco-Pole unit will provide efficient GREEN lighting, is self energized and aesthetically pleasing looking. We are in the process of registering Eco-Pole with UL, ETL, FCC, Energy Star and the US Departments of Energy and Transportation, with the goal of shipping these units in 2011.”

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