It’s a high-tech toothbrush, powered by the sun! That uses electrons, conducted by titanium oxide, to loosen plaque from your teeth! If you’re assuming this is some crazy personal hygiene gizmo straight out of Japan, you’re entirely correct.

The Soladey-3 Solar Ionic Toothbrush (which comes to us via Greenlaunches) is not an electric toothbrush, per se. (Meaning, essentially, it doesn’t vibrate and shoot water between your teeth, like a water pick.) Rather, it draws power from the sun via a simple embedded solar panel which absorbs light; electrons from that light are stored in the toothbrush itself, then transmitted directly to your teeth the water used for brushing, with a little help from its titanium oxide semiconductor. This fascinating process apparently produces a fairly commonplace brushing experience, except for one thing: the plaque that normally hangs onto your teeth reportedly comes off easily.

image via Greenlaunches

Think of the money you’ll save on dental cleanings! The shock of your hygienist, when she finds the surfaces of your teeth smooth and plaque-free! Think of the fun you’ll have, showing off this bizarre and wonderful device off to your friends! If you’re thinking every member of the family needs one, don’t worry; the Soladey-3 is sold in family packs of four for $133.

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