The crossroads of eco-friendly computer displays and stylish design don’t always promise great things. Design is sometimes tossed out the window in the face of functionality in order to save costs. Luckily for people looking for a nice looking computer monitor for their desks that also looks cool, Samsung has the 50 Series LED displays.

The Samsung 50 Series LED displays consist of four models – the 20 inch, BX2050, 21.5 inch BX2250, 23 inch BX2350 and 24 inch BX2450. All will be available in July, pricing around $230, $270, $330 and $360, respectively. Design wise they certainly look well thought out, sporting an ultra-slim, 19mm profile and a sleek gray bezel. A chrome-plated boomerang stand provides a nice base for the displays to rest on, and the control buttons are described as “starlight touch,” which we will just take to mean they are flush with the monitor’s casing.

Samsung 50 Series
image via Samsung

With the backlit LED the 50 Series, besides being halogen and lead-free, consume up to 40 percent less power compared to same sized conventional displays. They are said to be fully recyclable and sport as well a lower power consumption feature that allows one to work on the monitor at 100%, 75% or 50% brightness. All of this leads to the 50 Series being Energy Star 5.0 compliant as well as TCO Display 5.0 certified.

In the more regular features department, these displays, depending upon the model, are pretty loaded. Highlights include a 2 to 5 ms response time (model variant), HDMI input, DVI-D input, 1080 HD resolution and a five-step angle management process so picture quality remains the same regardless of what angle you view the display from.

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