Sure, that little off-grid charger of yours–be it solar or kinetic–is great for powering portables on the go. But chances are, you’re not really depending on it to keep you juiced and connected, as you can always fall back on a nearby plug. But what if you didn’t have that option? What if you really needed your charger to deliver in the great outdoors?

That appears to be the thinking behind Cheng Peng’s With The Source concept design (which comes to us via Inhabitat), a portable wind turbine off-grid charger design that incorporates solar panels on its blades. It can generate enough energy to power your cell phone, GPS, MP3, etc.–or it can power its own built-in LED light. Measuring just over three feet when folded down, it’s designed to be lightweight and portable enough to take on backpacking or cycling trips.

image via Inhabitat

Looking at this device, it’s hard to imagine that it would be stable enough to withstand the kind of wind speeds that would really give it a good charge–but if it does, it’s hard to argue with the genius of the design. We see With The Source (once it gets a better name!) powering not only the essential functions of a GPS or cell phone, but perhaps the tunes at our next camp-out or beach-party as well.

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