Ceiling fans aren’t a thing you normally think of as needing to be energy efficient but they too, like anything else you plug into your home, can be a drain on your electricity. An outfit by the name of Big Ass Fans thinks it has a solution to this issue, announcing recently the debut of its Isis energy-efficient ceiling fan.

What makes the Isis energy efficient? Big Ass Fans says it has to do with revolving at one fifth the speed of a standard ceiling fan. The company claims that “one eight-foot Isis fan circulates air equivalent to nine standard ceiling fans while using only one third of the energy of one standard ceiling fan.” It achieves this reportedly through “patented airfoil and winglet designs” with the airfoils optimizing “airflow to decrease drag and improve downward air velocity, and the upturned winglets improving airfoil efficiency, reducing turbulence, and stabilizing airflow.”

Big Ass Isis
image via Big Ass Fans

It is also said by Big Ass Fans that the Isis, “due to the fan’s long, narrow airfoils made of aircraft-grade aluminum,” can in effect cool an area of 1,600 square feet. If such is the case, it could also help save on energy costs during the summer from less use of one’s AC in hotter climates.

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