If your concept of the beach is a long, lazy summer day with clear skies and still air, count yourself among the lucky. In Great Britain, the summer weather is often so undependable that pasty-pale Anglos determined to cop a tan must endure blowing winds and stinging sand.

Enter the Surf Shelter concept by HJC Design, a Yorkshire-based consultancy. This space-age-looking tent-like shelter (which comes to us by way of Yanko Design) was designed not only to protect beach goers from the capricious elements, but also serve as a power generating unit. It incorporates flexible solar panels (i.e., photovoltaic fabric) and an aerodynamic design that harvests wind power, providing a source of renewable energy for MP3 players, phones, or even a mini-fridge.

image via Yanko Design

For those determined to barbecue or be social at the beach, even in less-than-ideal weather–or simply to weather a rough spot in the day, without having to pack up the whole clan and head home–this is a concept that makes sense. For those who love in generally hospitable climates where beach-weather tends to cooperate, not so much.

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