Do you thrive on operating lustrous and powerful electric bikes that are as potent on reducing your carbon footprint as they are fulfilling your need for speed? Designer Michael Luzar’s Thrive bike is a concept vehicle that’s as eco-friendly as it is speedy and sleek.

A hybrid vehicle, the Thrive employs optional electric motors that can be used in conjunction with a petrol engine. Including both means of power allows the Thrive to be sustainable while also allowing it to travel far distances courtesy of petrol fuel. “It’s still hard to rely on batteries for a long distance journey,” admits Ecofriend, “as the present batteries doesn’t hold enough charge. The concept is proposed for 2015 and we can hope that better batteries will be available in between to make it entirely an electric ride.” For excursions such as errands, in-city commuting, and joyrides, the electric motors present a clean alternative that will allow riders to save gas for those longer trips.

thrive bike
Image via Ecofriend

Much attention has been given to the single-seat ride’s aesthetics. All mechanical parts have been hidden beneath the bike’s exterior, making it easy to show off without it looking like a factory with wheels. The primary materials found in its composition are carbon and aluminum, used to keep the bike light.

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