Attention, healthy commuters–your pod awaits you. No, it’s not a mini green spaceship, it’s an enclosed electric bike that looks like something out of your little green fantasies–the Flux Personal Transport concept from Leigh Hendrik Cosentino.

Designed for a single rider, the semi-recumbent seating arrangement of the Flux was designed to free up the rider’s legs, according to Yanko Design, with telescoping steering to make allowances for differences in arm and leg lengths. A tilting mechanism maintains stability while turning, replicating a bicycle or motorbike’s ability to corner quickly. Forward and rear high visibility LEDs and turn signal lights placed over the front wheel arches provide high visibility for passing motorists. A pedelec, the Flux allows for human power when you’re feeling energetic and electric assist when you’re not.

image via Behance Network

While the Flux approximates many of the things we know and love about the car–including protection from the elements–it fails to replicate the frustrations associated with parking. According to the designer, no less than four Flux vehicles will fit in a standard parking space.

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