Remember the old television shows of yore that depicted hamsters in exercise wheels sprinting their cute little hearts out in order to power antiquated equipment? How ridiculous! How crude! Substantial amounts of energy couldn’t possibly be accumulated by mice to power our sophisticated modern technology. Instead, humans will have to undertake the physical exertion required by such contraptions themselves, as evidenced by designer Elizabeth Joy Wong’s bicycle powered generator prototype.

Pairing electricity generation with a beneficial method of exercise, Wong’s bicycle generator consists of a friction drum attached to a bicycle’s rear wheel. Ecofriend explains that the “friction drum attached with the bicycle wheel spins the alternator when the user pedals the bicycle and generates electricity which is stored in the power pack.”

bicycle generator
Image via Elizabeth Joy Wong

Obviously such a method of generating and storing energy is not meant for long-term use. Wong’s reasoning behind the concept is to provide a way for users to accumulate small amounts of energy that could be used in situations such as blackouts, or when users would rather not use electricity from their local grid.

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