A lot of green technology, especially solar, is pouring into Haiti right now to assist in disaster recovery efforts in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake which rocked that country’s capital Port-au-Prince. One of those currently trying to raise money to provide portable solar power solutions for rescuers and others on the ground is nonprofit EarthSpark.

EarthSpark, which has been doing work in Haiti already “to reduce energy poverty” by opening a “clean energy store” to sell products such as efficient stoves, solar lamps, and solar home systems as well as offering clean energy knowledge resources to Haitians, “is working with a coalition of fellow Clinton Global Initiative members to coordinate the supply and distribution of solar-powered products in Port-au-Prince.” Besides these items it is trying to distribute along with its partners, EarthSpark says it has also raised funds to install 1.8 kilowatts of solar-powered lighting in hospitals.

image via EarthSpark

“Port-au-Prince is without light or power,” said General Wesley K. Clark, U.S. Army (ret.), in a statement. “EarthSpark and its partners are working to provide thousands of solar lamps and mobile phone chargers. These are a simple and efficient solution that will greatly address both the lighting needs and the security of the devastated communities across Port-au-Prince.”

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