The Consumer Electronics Show, in its 2010 incarnation, is slowly moving towards highlighting more and more green electronics-related items. The massive trade show is in its second year of showcasing specialty green product companies in a small area of the show floor called the Sustainable Planet (this is besides the wide array of green tech initiatives being done by other electronics manufacturers around the show). A lot of these companies we’ve mentioned before here at EarthTechling, while a few others are ones you may not have heard of. We took some time on the show floor to tour the Sustainable Planet area, checking out what we thought were some of the cooler green gadgets being displayed.

Convenient Solar


The interesting looking blue box attached to a solar panel above from start up Convenient Solar is known as the Go-Plug and it is said to be the first commercially available line of solar generators. It is designed to be portable and self-contained, powering about anything including a furnace or set-top box and TV. It has 1,000 to 3,000 watt hours of storage, offers a choice of different solar panel sizes for generating more energy, can supply peaks of up to 5,000 watts and a LCD panel shows the percentage of charge left in the battery.

Kinesis Industries


Kinesis Industries, who seemed a little too busy to chat with us, was showing off its portable Wind & Solar Charger. This dual charging item, collecting energy from the built-in fan or integrated solar panel, stores its power in a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It sports a USB port you can plug mobile devices into to charge, and Kinesis claims one hour of sun and wind charging provides about 30 minutes of talk time on a typical phone or 300 minutes of music on a MP3 player. It is weatherproof and has a power status LED.HiSaver


Little DKO International was showing off its HiSaver smart energy management power strips. Two models exist – one for computers and one for A/V equipment. Both sport an interesting motion sensor which automatically powers down select equipment after set intervals of time if no motion is detected. The PC model comes with a master socket which does not automatically power down if the sensor detects no one presence to prevent possible loss of computer data. That master though, when the plugged in computer is turned off, will put all devices, save one optional, into a very low power standby mode.




Regen, which we’ve profiled before, was showing off its array of cool solar powered gear and had perhaps the best booth in the Sustainable Planet area. Besides the solar panel which can be plugged into several devices and the solar powered stereo speaker, we noticed two other items which the company says will be released at a later date. One is a desktop lamp powered by a substantial looking solar panel, while the other was a solar-panel backed portable speaker system with an iPod slot in it.mPower Technologies


The guys from mPower Technologies were on hand to showcase the award winning mPower Emergency Illuminator, which has turned into another EarthTechling favorite. This particular product, which is a very high powered handheld light, comes with a special 20-year shelf life back up battery which isn’t activated until the user deems it time to do so. Possible scenarios under which one might do this include if the primary batteries runs out or if one needs to do an emergency charge through the built-in USB port of a mobile phone. As you can see from the photo, it comes in a couple of different colors.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies



Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, drawing a lot of interest at the trade show because of its Hydrofill personal hydrogen fuel cell station, was showing off that device plus several others. These other items included the HydroPack, an off-grid fuel cell power station which uses high energy capacity cartridges that can reportedly deliver up to five times more energy capacity than a typical led acid battery, and the MiniPak, a handheld USB charger for portable electronics which draws its power from hydrogen cartridges which can be fueled by the Hydrofill.Miniwiz



Miniwiz, which doesn’t have a huge presence in the United States, was showing off a few different and interesting eco-tech devices. These included some wind and solar chargers, which are pictured above against recycled polymer structural blocks. These Polli-Bricks, as they are called, are made from fully recycled polymers and can be used as building materials. They also light up via integration with solar powered LED lighting. Finally, the second photo above showcases part of the bicycle attached Dynamo Hub Charging System, which includes a universal charger/adapter that draws energy from a hub powered by your pedaling.