Some concept designs have obvious applications. Others, not so much. What, exactly, is the big idea behind the Lighting Battery by Lu Yi–the battery that contains an LED bulb, which can be activated via a simple blue button? It wasn’t that clear to us at first, but the more you read the designer’s rationale, the brighter this idea would appear.

First, the disaster scenario. Maybe you’re one of those organized individuals who always keeps a flashlight with fresh batteries on hand. Then again, maybe not. When hurricane or earthquake strikes, why should you have to bother with finding both flashlight AND batteries? The Lighting Battery is equipped to do the work of both, lighting your way out of the dark and alerting potential rescuers as to your location.

image via Yanko Design

But even in normal circumstances, the Lighting Battery makes sense. The designer points out that our batteries often still have plenty of juice after our cameras and clocks have rejected them. Why not make use of the last of that juice, in the form of a flashlight? What’s more, why not survey how much charge your batteries still have left, simply by observing how bright that little LED still shines?

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