In the battle for worldwide solar charger domination, score one for the Chinese: the the high-capacity Solar Battery Charger from Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics is cheap, rugged and nearly universal, making it a top contender for global glory.

Housed in a tough molded clamshell case, the Solar Battery Charger consists of two large solar panels and a built-in high capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery, as well as16 different adapter configurations and 8 different voltage settings to charge your cell phone, notebook computer, MP3 player, etc. Everyday use can mean cutting down on the amount of electricity used at home to power your favorite gizmos; taking it on trips and outdoors makes for convenience and connectivity off the grid.

image via Greenlaunches
image via Greenlaunches

Solar panel dimensions are 225mm x155mm (L x W) and output directly to a USB or Standard 5mm Jack; the product site characterizes the 24000mAH battery capacity as “ginormous” and “mega-huge.”  At $196.25, wholesale to the public, sales of this charger may wind up being ginormous as well.

Solar Battery Charger [via Greenlaunches]

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